Are you using these excuses to avoid RFPs?

Buying legal services

Excuse 1

“We’re comfortable with our go-to firm for this kind of work.  They know us and it’s easy to just send them the work.”

The difficulty with this is you really have no idea whether you’re getting the best value for your legal spend.  Chances are you’re not.

There could be a dozen reasons why an equally capable firm on your panel will do the same work at a better price.  Or why your preferred firm might drop their price rather than allow a competitor to do work for you.

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Excuse 2

“We’re too busy."

We understand that you’re busy.  But too busy to make sure that you’re not paying too much? Really? Does your CFO know?

RFPs have traditionally been time consuming.  They’ve slowed you down.  With PERSUIT, this excuse falls away.  Your RFPs can be the same length as the email you were going to send to your preferred firm.  Proposals needn’t be long, cumbersome responses.  With PERSUIT, you can ask for what matters to you on a timeframe that works for you.  And you can drive value from your preferred firms.

Not only that, PERSUIT will give you aggregated data ready to provide to your internal stakeholders when you’re asked questions about your budget and external legal spend.

Excuse 3

“We’ve just introduced other technology into the team, and we’re worried about ‘change fatigue’.” 

We're not so sure that hoping for technology to slow down so that you can catch up is a good idea.Change fatigue kicks in where people can’t see what’s in it for them.  With PERSUIT the benefits are obvious.Clients who’ve tried PERSUIT have commented on its ease of use. Talk to us today about introducing PERSUIT to your team.  

Excuse 4

“Our panel firms might not like it.  They might think it’s a race to the bottom.” 

This one never ceases to surprise us.  In some cases, it’s the law firms that appear to call the shots, and the clients are afraid to upset them.  Lucky law firms.Experience tells us that law firms will go where you take them.  They want your work and they will compete for it. 

Excuse 5

“We’ve already negotiated competitive hourly rates. So we’re all good”.

Negotiating competitive hourly rates is only the first step, and it’s often an illusory one when the hours blow-out. True market pricing is only achieved when you scope your requirements and ask your law firms to submit fixed or capped pricing in response to the job you need to get done - and then allow those firms to compete for your work. Adopt that approach and the results will blow you away.

Jim Delkousis