Elevate Your Rate Negotiations: 7 Proven Tactics for In-House Teams

Convening annual rate negotiations with your law firms can often seem as appealing as a tax-prep meeting with your accountant 😑. 

Inglorious, time-consuming, detailed drudgery laced with all the awkwardness of inserting money-talk into relationships.  

There IS a better way. 

Join PERSUIT’s VP of Product (and former legal sourcing specialist at Johnson & Johnson), David Falstein, and Cassieopeia Snowden, PERSUIT’s Manager of Legal Advisory (and former BigLaw pricing analyst) on Tuesday, August 29th as they share 7 key steps to successful rate negotiations with your firm's. 

David and Cassie will talk about: 

  • The utility of blended rate cards
  • The importance of pricing benchmarks
  • Establishing panels
  • Negotiation tactics and more

Let PERSUIT’s experts show you how to take the drudgery and pain out of rate negotiations (no PERSUIT usage required…we’ll try not to let it hurt our feelings 🥹). 

See for yourself why the world's top in-house legal teams choose PERSUIT.

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