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Leadership Team

Jim Delkousis

CEO & Founder

Jim founded PERSUIT, in part, to encourage his children not to play it safe, and to follow their dreams. Monkey see, monkey do. He’s also a long time sufferer of imposter syndrome.

Michelle Landy

COO and GC

Michelle is a dynamic global executive and lawyer with over 20 years of experience living & working in the UK, US, and Asia. When she's not doing all things legal tech, she loves going to the theatre & all the cultural experiences NYC has to offer as well as volunteering locally and in East Africa.

Ed Bannigan


Ed is a proven executive sales leader with over 20 years of experience leading young tech companies through their hyper-growth stage and beyond. Outside of work, you might bump into him on a Southern California beach, a Park City mountain or an offshore fishing boat chasing Bluefin Tuna!

Carmel Smith

SVP of Customer Experience

Carmel is passionately focused around delighting customers and brings more than 25 years of experience leading high performing, global teams to deliver innovative and practical technology solutions in both large corporate and small start-up businesses. When not visiting customers, Carmel can be found driving between Texas and Colorado enjoying the "barely there" cell coverage. Can you hear me now?

David Falstein

VP of Product

David comes from the legal sourcing world and loves creative pricing models. When he’s not helping clients build the perfect RFP or AFA, David is probably building a sub-par fantasy football team.

John Demelis

VP of Engineering and Technology Operations

John is passionate about building teams that build products that make customers deliriously happy. In his downtime, he enjoys tropical vacations with his family with a particular soft spot for Hawaii.

Andy Nester


Andy is a profitable growth driver with 15+ years expertise leading marketing in B2B SaaS. Andy excels at establishing and aligning companies around a story that creates demand in the market. During his downtime, Andy is an avid University of Michigan football fan and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids in Austin, Texas.

Jordan Weinstein

VP of Product Growth

Jordan has been implementing technology solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments for over 20 years. When not living and breathing Legal Technology (which often includes boring his wife by talking about data), he's likely taking abuse from his kids, playing ice hockey, or sailing.

Rob Potter


Rob has vast experience leading finance teams at various startups in the New York City area. After beginning his career working at some of the top banks in the world, including Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, Rob turned his attention to helping startups scale efficiently and economically.

Strategic Advisory Board

Jim Moffatt

Former Vice Chairman and Global CEO of Deloitte Consulting

"As the previous CEO and Vice Chairman of Deloitte Consulting globally I understand not only the value that can be delivered to corporates around the world but importantly also to the firms and consulting practices globally. PERSUIT is changing the dynamics of how legal and professional services are acquired."

Dr. Elouise Epstein

Partner, Kearney

"As a specialist partner at Kearney I connect with some of the largest organizations globally on their procurement and supply chain strategies. PERSUIT have embarked on the uberfication of hundreds of billions of dollars of spend annually. The marketplace capabilities that are being provided are truly exciting and I’m looking forward to being on this journey with Jim and the team at PERSUIT."

Reena Sengupta

Executive Director, RSGI

"I’m so excited to be part of this journey. PERSUIT is the digital manifestation of what I’ve been trying to do with the legal profession for 30 years. It’s fast becoming the single source of truth. What’s really novel is that the PERSUIT platform delivers value not just for the corporates but the firms too. It just does not make sense If you are not working in this way now."

Ron Gill

Operating Partner, Lead Edge Capital

"Having spent years in enterprise software companies, most recently as the CFO of Netsuite I realized quickly that PERSUIT’s ‘Time to Value’ for customers was incredible. A real game changer that CFO’s cannot ignore. How could I not be part of such an exciting journey at PERSUIT."

Thomas Barothy

'Business of Law' Innovator & Legal Technologist, Former UBS, Group Legal COO

"I thought I’d seen it all until I discovered PERSUIT. Having implemented the platform across the UBS global legal team and spent decades as an executive in the financial services industry this was an opportunity too good to be missed to help lead corporates globally on an innovation journey that will transform the way they acquire legal services."

Board of Directors

Jim Delkousis

CEO & Founder

Frank Stranges


Scott Maxwell


Senior Managing Director, OpenView Venture Partners

Carlo Tarquino


Group Chief Innovation Officer, Reece Group

Coenraad van der Poel



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