How to Make AFA's a Win-Win: Lessons From the Firm Side

We know that AFA’s are a win for in-house counsel. But what about their firms?

A leading misconception about AFA’s is that law firms can’t be profitable when using them.

In this webinar, Laura Spalding, Director of Legal Advisory at PERSUIT, talks to a panel of firms who are proving otherwise. They’ll discuss:

  • The best types of AFAs for both in-house and outside counsel
  • How law firms really feel about competitive bidding — RFPs and reverse auctions
  • How law firms and their clients can work together more effectively to maintain cost control and predictability — scoping matters and handling material deviations
  • What role the billable hour will play in the future of in-house/outside counsel engagements

See for yourself why the world's top in-house legal teams choose PERSUIT.

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