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Move From Hourly Billing to Value-Based Pricing, Outcomes, and Results.


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Here's what value-based pricing looks like for the world's leading in-house legal teams on PERSUIT

Fixed Fee Pricing

"Fixed fees give us an easier ability to identify the true cost of what it's going take to do a particular piece of work. We started bucketing portions of work for firms. I would have told you that I thought the firms were going to freak out when we did that. And what we found was quite different. Every one of them said: We wondered when you were going to come ask us. We're ready to do this. It makes more sense to us as well."

Gregg McConnell, Global Director of Legal Operations

Organized Process for Selecting Firms

"Before PERSUIT, our in-house team was looking at one firm’s word document, another firm’s Excel sheet. The pricing is different across all of them. It's chaotic and becomes really hard to make a decision. PERSUIT gives us an organized process to compare pricing, strategy, expertise, and DEI metrics across our firms on our own terms -- and it's led to all around better decision making for PNC."

John Crawshaw, Legal Operations Portfolio Owner

Unparalleled Data and Insights

"Data has allowed us to inform our CEO and CFO of what we're doing to effectively manage our external legal spend. PERSUIT has helped us demonstrate that we are not complacent, that we're always trying to identify new, innovative techniques that work for the legal department to help manage this external legal spend. The built in reporting in Persuit has allowed us to demonstrate that quite easily."

Ashley Woodill, Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel

100% of the AM Law 100 Use PERSUIT

PERSUIT is built for both sides. Over 2,500 firms are using PERSUIT to work with their corporate clients in a more predictable, outcome-based pricing model.


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