AI Isn't the Apocalypse in Legal

AI Isn’t the Apocalypse for Legal: How to Seize the GenAI Opportunity to Amplify Impact

Thursday, May 30, 2024 3:00 PM EDT (8:00 PM BST)

Now that GenAI has shattered the myth that legal is untouchable, what steps are forward-thinking GCs taking to redefine their function’s relationship with the C-Suite and demonstrate their value to the organization? 

Join Shannon Thyme Klinger, Chief Legal Officer at Moderna, and Jim Delkousis, CEO of PERSUIT (and a former BigLaw partner) as Shannon shares the framework and strategies that have positioned her team as a catalyst of innovation — and the takeaways that legal teams of any size or maturity can use to do the same. 

In a world where the only constant is change, hear:

  • How the #OneModernaLegal team has put itself in the driver's seat on the road of rapid industry change
  • The tools that are helping them do it
  • Why the data you capture now matters more than ever

See for yourself why the world's top in-house legal teams choose PERSUIT.

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