Selecting the right firm at the right price just got easier

Invite, compare, and select outside counsel without the chaos. Say goodbye to manual tasks and unpredictable costs, and hello to AFAs, cost savings, and your best legal outcomes.


Relieve the pain from the RFP process


See your panel firms in a whole new way: side by side


Achieve better outcomes by selecting the right firm for every matter

Cost Savings

Let firms put their best foot forward

Allowing firms to revise their price in real-time means the true market price for your matter. 

And what happens next? A 26% average cost reduction. 

Cost Predictability

Bill based on real value, not hours worked

It’s time to kill the billable hour.

Scope your matter with our fixed-fee templates and never approve a billable hour again. AFAs in our platform keep your costs predictable and your budget forecasts achievable.

Meet DEI Goals

Walk the talk on diversity

Meeting diversity goals shouldn’t be hard. So we made it easy. Our DEI module does the work for you, resulting in: 

With our DEI module:
  • 71% of responses proposing a diverse lead or 2nd chair
  • 54% of origination credits going to diverse lawyers
  • 64% of hours for diverse timekeepers
Strategic Approach

Compare strategies from your firms on how they will win your case

Understand exactly how a firm will approach your matter before you decide which firm to engage. High-value strategies right at your fingertips. Nice.

Change management ain’t easy.

But don’t worry, with the world’s most experienced legal sourcing team by your side, we’ve got you covered.

Custom configured

Precision scoping for every matter

Use our library of RFP templates and work with our expert team to customize your own.

Client Strategy and Sourcing

Peace of mind

With 1000’s of matter level RFPs under their belt, our team of experts got your back.

Training and Support

Ensuring your success

Having delivered outside counsel programs for 50+ Fortune 500 legal teams (and counting) we’ve learned a few things. Making heroes out of in-house teams is our bread and butter.

Built to cover all of your matter or project types

Our experts have supported over $6 billion in proposals:

  • Litigation (Commercial, Patent, Employment, Antitrust, Personal Injury, and more)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Commercial Advice Projects
  • Transactions (Real Estate, Financing, and more)
  • Sensitive Investigations
  • Regulatory Impact, Monitoring & Enforcement
  • Immigration
  • Employment Law, Employee Relations & Human Resources
  • Corporate Governance
  • Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Copyright)
  • Professional Services Consulting
  • Financial Services Arbitration
  • Management Consulting
  • eDiscovery
  • Secondments
  • Technology Systems & Implementation

Remove chaos from your outside counsel program


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