Take Control of Rate Hikes: Rate Negotiation Strategies to Rein In Legal Spend

We know annual rate negotiations are everyone’s favorite time of year. 😣

Keeping track of multiple rate agreements across tens of firms, with proposals dispersed over clunky spreadsheets and hundreds of emails. 

How can in-house teams take control of the process to control costs, save time, and even strengthen firm relationships in the process?  

Cintia LeLann, Sanofi’s Global Purchasing Head of Legal + Ethics & Business Integrity and Compliance joins PERSUIT’s VP of Product (and a former corporate legal pricing expert), David Falstein to talk about best practices for managing annual rate increase requests and how PERSUIT’s soon-to-release Rate Review Pro can help teams in this process.

Join us as we discuss:  

  • Best practices for managing annual rate increase requests
  • How to determine what rates are reasonable 
  • How both legal sourcing and procurement teams can better partner together in the rate negotiations process
  • Equipping attorneys to more effectively manage their firm relationships
  • The best tools and technologies for the job, including a sneak peek at PERSUIT’s new Rate Review Pro

See for yourself why the world's top in-house legal teams choose PERSUIT.

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