Alternative Fee Arrangements: Answering The 3 Most Common Questions In-House Legal Teams Have About Alternative Fee Arrangements

Alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) aren’t new to the legal industry, but they are growing in popularity. This is particularly true as in-house teams brace for a recession and are looking for new ways to manage costs — while still getting the help they need from outside firms.

Join us on Tuesday, August 23, at 12pm ET for the next edition of In-House Connect's Legal Innovation Spotlight Series as, David Falstein, PERSUIT’s VP of client strategy & success, and Maui Gevero, PERSUIT’s senior manager of legal pricing innovation, will answer three of the most common questions in-house teams have about alternative fee arrangements:

  1. What if a matter is unpredictable? Can I still use an AFA to better manage costs?
  2. What if things change? Can we change the AFA to reflect the new situation? What if the case is dismissed? What if a matter takes significantly more or less work than we thought it would?
  3. Is there always a winner and a loser in every AFA negotiation? How can you create a scenario where both the client and law firm win?

After their presentation, David and Maui will stay to answer any questions you have about AFAs. Join us for this interactive session!

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