AFAs Aren't "Alternative" Anymore

What in-house counsel needs to know in a rapidly shifting marketplace

Alternative fee arrangements or pricing models not purely based on hourly billing comprise 20% of the legal market right now and that number is quickly growing. In this webinar, David Falstein, PERSUIT’s Vice President of Product will share how AFAs are changing how in-house counsel source their firms and how to best leverage them for success.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The advantages of AFAs—even for complex, high-cost matters
  • The financial savings generated by AFAs
  • How AFAs impact legal outcomes and firm relationships
  • AFAs types (including pros & cons of each) and which ones are best for specific matters and practice areas
  • How competitive sourcing processes can provide confidence in AFA pricing proposed by firms

See for yourself why the world's top in-house legal teams choose PERSUIT.

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