Industry Leaders Found PERSUIT’s Strategic Advisory Board

PERSUIT, the leading Outside Counsel Management platform, has announced the addition of a Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) to the company. The SAB, which consists of five industry leaders, will work to support PERSUIT’s expansion and growth plans. 

Jim Delkousis, CEO & Founder of PERSUIT, is looking forward to the addition.

“The talent that we attracted to our SAB is a testament to the clients that we are winning and the value that we are delivering. Our customers are the who’s who list of some of the largest financial, pharmaceutical, technology, and mainstream corporations globally.”

PERSUIT delivers significant savings across corporate legal spend. The platform provides a marketplace for in-house counsel to match with their outside firms, bringing cost predictability and better legal outcomes.

"jim-moffatAs the previous CEO and Vice Chairman of Deloitte Consulting, globally I understand not only the value that can be delivered to corporates around the world but importantly also to firms  globally. PERSUIT is changing the dynamics of how legal and professional services are acquired."

- Jim Moffat


These industry luminaries are leaning in across all areas to help accelerate the growth and take up across major enterprises and new markets. 

dr-elouise-epstein"As a specialist partner at Kearney, I connect with some of the largest organizations globally on their procurement and supply chain strategies,” stated Dr. Elouise Epstein, “PERSUIT has embarked on the uberfication of hundreds of billions of dollars of spend annually. The marketplace capabilities that are being provided are truly exciting and I’m looking forward to being on this journey with Jim and the team at PERSUIT." 

-Dr. Elouise Epstein


reena-sengupta"I’m so excited to be part of this journey. PERSUIT is the digital manifestation of what I’ve been trying to do with the legal profession for 30 years.  It’s fast becoming the single source of truth.  What’s really novel is that the PERSUIT platform delivers value not just for the corporates but the firms too.  It just does not make sense If you are not working in this way now."

-Reena Sengupta


ron-gill"Having spent years in enterprise software companies, most recently as the CFO of Netsuite I realized quickly that PERSUIT’s ‘Time to Value’ for customers was incredible.  A real game changer that CFO’s cannot ignore.  How could I not be part of such an exciting journey at PERSUIT."

-Ron Gill



Thomas Barothy

"I thought I’d seen it all until I discovered PERSUIT.  Having implemented the platform across the UBS global legal team and spent decades as an executive in the financial services industry this was an opportunity too good to be missed to help lead corporates globally on an innovation journey that will transform the way they acquire legal services."

-Thomas Barothy


Frank Stranges, Chairman at PERSUIT, noted, “We are humbled to have assembled a wonderful group of people to help us continue our global journey and support an amazing team that our customers love. We are so proud of them.”  


PERSUIT was founded in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. It was established to deliver transparency and true market pricing for the benefit of in-house legal teams and their outside counsel. In April 2022, PERSUIT hit 50 customers, most of them Fortune100 companies. Learn more about PERSUIT here.