Join the Industry Movement to Value-based Pricing


Agree on Scope-of-work for Each Matter

It starts with a simple, guided workflow. Use our library of templates or work with our expert team to customize your own. Whatever your use case or matter type, you can do it with PERSUIT:

  • Single matter or portfolio-matter RFP
  • Annual rate negotiation
  • Panel or preferred firm/vendor RFP
  • Secondment or temporary staffing
  • Negotiate AFA for existing matter
  • RFI or survey

Incentivize Outcomes and Value, Not Hours Billed

Within our templates, easily make value-based pricing the standard, not the exception. Reward efficiency over effort and gain cost predictability down to the phase level by aligning with your firms on desired outcomes. See how often inhouse teams use alternative fee arrangements...

Dedicated DEI Approach – 3

Embed DEI in Your Firm Selection Process

Turn on PERSUIT’s diversity module to transform DEI into a core selection criteria for every matter. The questions are pre-built and standardized for firms to answer so you can compare the diversity composition of teams being proposed.

invite firms-1

Your Firms Are Already Using PERSUIT

With over 2,500 firms using the platform, including 100% of the AM Law 100 and 94% of the Global 200, PERSUIT makes it easy to invite your preferred firms to any matter — or discover new partners.

Proposal Comparison

Evaluate Firms Side-by-side

Once proposals come back from your firms, gain access to a side-by-side view of how they stack up on the basis of cost, strategy, expertise, diversity, and more, all in one single view. No more sifting through various spreadsheets, PDFs, and email chains.


Reveal the True Market Price

Using an online pricing room, you can reveal a true market price for the legal services you need — and firms get real-time visibility into how their proposal compares to others competing for the matter. This works for all types of matters, across industries and regions.

proposal analyzer sizzle

Use AI to Identify Strengths and Weaknesses in Seconds

Quickly identify strengths, weaknesses, and key areas of difference between proposals using AI. Evaluate and select law firm proposals with more precision and speed than ever before.

Customer Insights

Demonstrate Your Impact With Real-time Data

With Program Insights, you can confidently report back to the business how legal is creating value. This go-to dashboard is your audit trail and governance around any decision you’ve made with outside counsel.

Program Benchmarking

Benchmark Your Team Against Other In-house Legal Departments

PERSUIT Program Benchmarking empowers you to compare your legal program with other organizations. Toggle between industries for comparison and see how your department stacks up against other in-house legal teams.


Improve Firm Relationships With Real-time Data

With PERSUIT’s Real-time Business Reviews, access up-to-date performance metrics to help firms understand why they win, why they lose, and how they can earn more business. Present data-backed feedback to them at any time!

Change Is Easy With PERSUIT

Having delivered outside counsel programs for 60+ Fortune 500 legal teams (and counting) we’ve learned a few things.

Precision Focus on Change Management

As you get up and running, our team is dedicated to making sure PERSUIT becomes a core tenet of your legal department.

Customer Success

Our customer success team is here to help. From new features, to leveraging analytics, we help you become a data-driven legal team.

Ongoing Training and Support

Making heroes out of in-house teams is our passion. With an interactive knowledge library and support team, you never miss a beat.

Built to cover all of your matter or project types

Over $10 billion in proposals have been submitted on PERSUIT across all practice areas:

  • Litigation (Commercial, Patent, Employment, Antitrust, Personal Injury, and more)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Commercial Advice Projects
  • Transactions (Real Estate, Financing, and more)
  • Sensitive Investigations
  • Regulatory Impact, Monitoring & Enforcement
  • Immigration
  • Employment Law, Employee Relations & Human Resources
  • Corporate Governance
  • Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Copyright)
  • Professional Services Consulting
  • Financial Services Arbitration
  • Management Consulting
  • eDiscovery
  • Secondments
  • Technology Systems & Implementation