The leading enterprise platform for engaging outside counsel

Deliver the future of outside counsel engagements to your legal department. Centralized, streamlined, automated and data-driven.

Real-time Bidding

Allow preferred firms to revise proposals in real-time

Take control of your outside legal costs and get firms to compete for your work. On average, our platform delivers 20%+ savings by increasing firm competition with real-time bidding.

  • Show firms where they rank relative to their competition.
  • Obtain true-market pricing every time you engage firms. That is, taking firms from what they would like to get paid to what they’re prepared to get paid.
  • Incentivise firms to change
scale afas within the law industry

Scale AFAs

Transition from billable hours using Alternative Fee Arrangements

Easily scope your external legal work and allow law firms to confidently offer AFA pricing.

  • Reduce the uncertainty of hourly rates and the common blowouts that follow.
  • Deliver on strategic AFA goals and easily track performance.
  • Forecast legal costs with certainty.


Accelerate your RFP process 10x and escape spreadsheet hell

Eliminate the tedious and low-value work for your team. We make it simple to scope, receive, compare and select proposals from law firms.

  • Leverage templates to scope and issue matter-specific RFPs.
  • Save weeks spent aggregating law firms’ responses to achieve apples to apples comparison.
  • Scale competitive sourcing across your entire legal spend, not just select matters.
Compose a RFP process using PERSUIT


Capture all your buying data on a single, centralized platform

Empower your team to make data-informed decisions with information that has been historically hard to capture, organize and make sense of — until now.

  • Accurately estimate what matters should cost by reference to historical and relevant pricing data.
  • Measure law firm performance (including: savings, bidding behaviour and bidding success rates) at matter, practice area and team levels.
  • Review your law firms’ recommended strategies for success for all matters (at no cost) and leverage that valuable advice.


Capture the 'how's and why's of law firm selection

Tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars is spent on outside counsel by corporate legal departments. There is increasing pressure to now demonstrate compliance in regard to that spend.

  • Set assessment criteria to evaluate law firms, on a matter by matter basis.
  • Standardize how you score and evaluate law firm proposals, at scale.
  • Demonstrate to the executive team that the legal function is operating like a business and not just a ‘cost center’.
evaluation and compliance comparison
Conflict check screen PERSUIT


A platform tailored to the unique requirements of in-house legal teams

We built this platform to help corporate legal teams solve the challenges we experienced (in a previous life) as lawyers. We’re unlike other procurement platforms because our platform is designed to meet the specific needs of in-house legal teams.

  • Seamless conflict check workflow.
  • Tailored work category taxonomy & practice areas.
  • Leverage industry best-practice RFP templates developed in partnership with CLOC.

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