The leading enterprise platform for engaging outside counsel

Delivering unprecedented reductions on outside legal spend for the world’s most innovative legal departments. Centralized, streamlined, automated, and data-driven.


Take control of your outside legal costs and allow your preferred firms to compete for your business.

PERSUIT’s proprietary technology provides the transparency needed to obtain true market pricing from your preferred firms. PERSUIT users see an average cost reduction of 37% when running Market-Driven AFAs through the platform.

scale afas within the law industry

Scale AFAs

Leverage best practice learnings with matter-specific templates to confidently scope your work and easily compare proposals.


Accelerate your RFP process by 10x and escape spreadsheet hell.

Eliminate the tedious and clunky nature of yesterday’s RFP process. We make it simple and scalable to scope, receive, compare, and select proposals from your preferred firms.
Compose a RFP process using PERSUIT


Capture all your buying data on a single, centralized platform

Empower your team to make data-informed decisions with information that has been historically hard to capture, organize and make sense of — until now.


Capture the 'how's and why's of law firm selection

You can’t always go with the lowest priced firm. PERSUIT provides the reporting that compliance requires to better understand the legal department’s decision making process when firm selection goes beyond cost.
evaluation and compliance comparison
Conflict check screen PERSUIT


A platform tailored to the unique requirements of in-house legal teams

PERSUIT is built to help corporate legal teams solve the challenges we experienced (in a previous life) as lawyers. We’re unlike other procurement platforms because PERSUIT is designed to meet the evolving needs of in-house legal teams.

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