Unlocking the Power of Value-Based Pricing: An Introduction to AFAs

The hourly bill is a relic in the age of AI.

Accelerated change is driving unparalleled efficiency in the legal industry. So it’s time for law firms to stop valuing time and effort over outcomes.

Also, it’s just a crappy way to work.

In this special webinar recap, PERSUIT’s Director of Legal Advisory, Laura Spalding, and Legal Advisory Manager, Cassieoppia Snowden, present an overview of alternative fee arrangement (AFA) models. From the benefits to practical applications, Laura and Cassieoppia unpack why law firms should adopt AFAs and put the hourly bill in a museum.   

Join us as we discuss:

- Why law firms need to move away from hourly billing (4:20)

- A breakdown of AFA families and their respective models (14:51)

- Why scoping is the biggest barrier to adopting AFAs (45:00)

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