Sue Manik: Standard Chartered Bank — How Legal Ops Teams Can Justify Value

As AI tools continue to infiltrate the global workforce, how can legal ops teams separate relevant AI services from ill-fitting alternatives? And how can in-house teams best leverage some of these exciting new data models to make informed decisions?


Sue Manik, Head of Supplier Performance at Standard Chartered Bank, believes that legal professionals must reevaluate how they think about data if they want to keep up with accelerated innovation.

Sue walks us through the changes she’s witnessed in legal operations’ evolution from data-wielding sidekicks to collaborative partners and how Standard’s D&I task force is breaking barriers.

Join us as we discuss:


  • [3:10] How embedding in legal operations opens up new opportunities

  • [12:43] Why legal professionals should never take data at face value

  • [20:44] Measuring ROI on legal operations initiatives

  • [33:32] Standard Charter Bank’s D&I task force

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