Sneha Desai: Stryker — Getting Comfortable With Your In-House Instincts

As a younger legal counsel, the transition from law firm to in-house can certainly be a bumpy one. As the realization of daily expectations sets in, the workload volume can seem overwhelming.

When Sneha Desai, Chief Legal Counsel of Global Litigation & Employment at Stryker, senses that anxiety in her juniors, she imparts the advice passed down to her: do what makes sense.

Sneha talks with us about her early struggles in-house, her commitment to pro bono work, and the importance of empathy in relationships.     

Join us as we discuss:


- Empowering junior talent to take control of DEI initiatives (10:12)

- Why team awareness is an essential leadership trait (19:47) 

- Advice for in-house leaders on alternative fee arrangements (28:36)

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- Volunteer Lawyers for Justice


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