Shannon Thyme Klinger: Moderna — How Generative AI Will Transform Legal

ChatGPT and similar large language models are already making a historic impact on law firms and in-house legal teams alike. So what does the future hold for day-to-day work practices in the industry, and how will we weigh the value of time going forward?

In this special episode, we recap our extraordinary webinar with Shannon Thyme Klinger, Chief Legal Officer at Moderna.

Jim and other members of the PERSUIT team join Shannon to address the future of AI in legal, as well as answer some burning questions from our audience.

Join us as we discuss:

- Risk management and compliance concerns with ChatGPT (10:43)

- Why AI applications will be essential for legal teams (17:51) 

- PERSUIT’s ChatGPT study on RFP proposal analysis (25:22)

- How large language models will redefine time’s value (38:44)

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- The Implications of ChatGPT for Legal Services and Society

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