Sarah Flint: HubSpot — Embracing AI & ESG in Transformative Legal Operations

Modernizing a large legal department isn’t an easy task.

What’s your strategy?  

Buy tech? Build tech? Experiment until something sticks?

This week, we sat down with Sarah Flint, Director of Legal Operations and Technology at HubSpot to see how it’s being done at one of the world’s biggest CRM companies.


Join us as we discuss: 

- Hubspot’s recent wins and challenges in legal ops [8:08]

- If legal ops need to come from a legal background [11:47]

- What role generative AI has played [15:08]

- Forming your ESG Pillars around your company culture[20:27]

A critical part of building for the future of your organization, and tackling changes in AI and ESG is to have the conversation about being aligned with your vendors.

Asking them how they are moving forward and how they can pivot with you and your organization will have the edge as these new developments in AI and ESG continue to evolve.

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