Rozan Simoni: COFCO International — Freedom Works

Rozan Simoni spent his early childhood in Albania under a despotic Soviet regime. Soon after the Berlin Wall fell, U.S. Secretary of State Jim Baker came to visit Rozan’s country. The young Albanian boy never forgot two simple words that Baker uttered that day:

“Freedom works.”

Today, as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary - North America at COFCO International, Rozan is paying it forward by giving his colleagues the autonomy they need to reach their potential.

In this captivating episode, Rozan shares how his journey to the U.S. shaped his outlook on mentorship and why he’s excited about the future of AI innovation in legal.  

Join us as we discuss:

- Mentorship and giving young lawyers autonomy (5:53)

- Leaving a positive impact on internal relationships (17:27)

- How AI will allow firms to respond to client needs much faster (26:41)

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