HSBC - Richard Crabb: The Legal Industry Is Changing

Richard Crabb was listed in the Legal 500 as an expert in Sports Law in 2011 and as an expert in Charity Law in 2012. But he didn’t always have a desire to work in the Legal industry. Richard’s route into law came from a career in marketing where he had to have a comprehensive understanding of the way the law operated in order to be great at his Brand Manager role in the retail industry. His early career in marketing and would raise a few eyebrows but his knowledge of psychology has helped him grow in his career from marketing professional to becoming the Head of Commercial, Tech & Innovation, Global Legal at HSBC We discuss: - Untapped Growth Opportunities For Law Firms. - Solutions that Lawyers are looking for. - Revenue Streams For Law Firms. More information about Richard Crabb and today’s topics: - LinkedIn Profile: - Company Website: *Hear more stories by subscribing to Innovative Legal Leadership on **Apple Podcasts**, **Spotify**, or any podcast platform.* *Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for Innovative Legal Leadership in your favorite podcast player.*

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