Phyllis Harris: American Red Cross - Sustainability, Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity Champion

Phyllis Harris’s career has had many phases. She worked for the EPA for 20 years before moving out of the public sector — first at Walmart as SVP of Corporate Functions and Legal Operations and now as General Counsel, Chief Compliance, Ethics and Government Relations Officer at the American Red Cross. Throughout, she has advocated for environmental sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and equity. We discussed: - How the role of general counsel has become more proactive with a focus on showing your value as a strategic partner - Tackling issues of environmental sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and equity - How running the legal department like a business engenders more credibility - Empowering teams to do extraordinary things *Hear more stories by subscribing to Innovative Legal Leadership on** Apple Podcasts**, **Spotify**, or any podcast platform.* *Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for Innovative Legal Leadership in your favorite podcast player.*

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