Megan Beauregard: Enel North America — Powering DEI Initiatives in the Energy Industry

Megan Beauregard thought she was living out her dream at a small law firm in New Hampshire, but after a client suggested she consider moving in-house, her curiosity was piqued. So when she happened upon a Craigslist posting in 2008 for legal counsel in the energy industry, she knew it was the right time to explore new possibilities.

Fifteen years later, as the Chief Legal Officer at Enel North America, Megan is moving the needle in DEI initiatives for her industry.

Megan gives us an exclusive peek into the day-to-day of legal professionals in the power sector and addresses the double-edged perception of AI tools.

Join us as we discuss:


- Chasing curiosity and leaving private practice for in-house (4:06)

- Why risk management is her team’s top priority (10:06)

- Finding new ways to appreciate your people’s value (18:49)

- Why women need to fill more seats at the head table (24:30)

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- Megan Beauregard

- Enel North America

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