Maurus Schreyvogel — Former Novartis: Operational Excellence in Legal

Early on in his legal career at Novartis, Maurus Schreyvogel encountered a frustrating obstacle. The legal team had no tools, no technology, no access to knowledge, and consequently, they found themselves reinventing the wheel over and over.

It was so frustrating, in fact, that he was prepared to leave the company. Instead, he was presented with a mission that convinced him to stay: Establish transparency and bring about positive operational change within legal.

He has remained at Novartis ever since. In his current capacity of Chief Legal Innovation Officer, he is working to set the vision for how law can help society operate more equitably in the future.

We discuss:

- Auditing the legal function to bring about operational change

- Focusing on value rather than cost

- Legal’s role in the digital transformation journey

- Transforming into collaborators instead of counselors

- Increasing access to law for all


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