Maui Gevero: PERSUIT — What Is a True Market Price for Legal Services?

Maui Gevero, Senior Manager of Legal Advisory at PERSUIT, has always had a passion for numbers, so the financial industry seemed like the perfect fit for his talents. But after spending a few years with Goldman Sachs, he knew that the banking life wasn’t for him. He loved digging into data and analytics, but the traditional institution had a traditional way of thinking.

He wanted to use the information at his fingertips to tell stories more akin to a Western than an infomercial, so he joined the legal profession and never looked back.

Maui talks with us about jumping feet-first into the legal industry, his fascination for RFPs, and the true market price conundrum.

Join us as we discuss:


- Streamlining a rough RFP process (7:07) 

- The chicken and egg problem in fixed pricing models (11:04)

- Fighting for transparency in true market price (16:05)

- Why the billable hour isn’t the final solution (25:47)

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- Maui Gevero


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