Maui Gevero – PERSUIT: Successfully Navigating Mass Arbitration

Unbeknownst to many, mass arbitration is actually something that recently evolved in the legal landscape as an alternative to large class action lawsuits.

What should companies be aware of, and how can they deal with mass arbitration successfully?

This week, we're joined by Maui Gevero, Senior Manager of Legal Advisory at PERSUIT.

We dive into what mass arbitration is and how companies can proactively address challenges arising from this.

Maui also shares his views on where the system loopholes are and what companies should do to test different approaches to handling mass arbitrations. He also leaves us with some tips regarding what companies requiring legal consultation must do.

Join us as we discuss: 


- The definition of mass arbitration (00:10)

- Maui’s best examples of mass arbitration cases (02:44)

- Three steps that companies should follow related to mass arbitration (07:18)

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