Maui Gevero – PERSUIT: Killing the Billable Hour Through Positive Disruption

The growth in demand for legal services has been flat for more than a decade.
Can AI help to change this trend and disrupt the way that law firms work?
This week we're joined by Maui Gevero, Senior Manager of Legal Advisory at PERSUIT.

We dive into some trends that have significantly impacted demand in the legal industry, and how law firms are expanding their teams faster than they’re growing demand.

Maui also shares his views on why the traditional law firm business model no longer works, and how AI and machine learning will enable GCs to eventually phase out the billable hour format and be more outcome-driven.

Maui and Jim also talk about: 


- Demand and supply: Trends that have impacted law firms [00:45]

- Why law firms are expanding faster than the market demand [3:38]

- Why the traditional law firm business model is no longer relevant [10:07]

- Why and how law firms need to think about their AI strategy [33:30]

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- Maui Gevero


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