Mark Gregory — Rolls-Royce: Fixing the Legal Ecosystem Using AI

This week we're joined by Mark Gregory, General Counsel & Corporate Affairs Director at Rolls-Royce
We dive into his career as the longest serving exec at Rolls-Royce and the unique perspective it gives him on how his team, and the industry as a whole, are evolving in response to a rapidly changing marketplace.

Mark talks about the historic misalignment of interests between in-house teams and their outside firms and why an ecosystem approach is the only way to fix it.

Mark also shares his take on how AI will help in doing so, as well as how AI and other technologies will empower GCs to be more effective strategic advisors to the business.


Join us as we discuss: 

- How stepping outside his comfort zone led him to his current role [14:17]

- Bridging the gap between today’s and tomorrow’s lawyers [23:11]

- How A.I. and automation will help GCs modernize their function [26:52]

- The impact of holding your position through drastic changes like Covid & A.I. [35:23]

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- Mark Gregory

- Rolls-Royce

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