Lisa Mather: Mars Wrigley — Preparing for the Unknown in a Polycrisis World

Lisa Mather had no intentions of becoming a lawyer when she started college. But her first academic love of science drew her to environmental law and, ultimately, a successful career in legal.

Lisa traversed the world with her two children while working at several international firms before taking her current position as Global General Counsel at Mars Wrigley in 2022.

She shares her insights on being a career-driven mother, her passion for ESG efforts, and setting her team up for success in a polycrisis world.

Join us as we discuss:

- Why family shouldn’t be a roadblock to international opportunities (8:35)

- Immediate priorities in her new GC role and ESG commitments (19:21)

- Instilling the need for diversity in future generations (29:35)

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

- Lisa Mather

- Mars Wrigley

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