- Lindsey Haswell: Choosing Risk Over Job Security

Lindsey Haswell was determined to be either a broadcast journalist or a lawyer. Because it’s at the epicenter of policy and economics, she chose law. She started out as a litigator at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher before making the leap to a small (at the time) startup called Uber. She viewed it as an investment in her future, an opportunity to learn how to build and run a business and how legal furthers the mission of the business. She passes these lessons along to her team in her current role as Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Legal Officer at, where they are shaping the future of financial services on the internet. We discuss: - Taking the risk of joining Uber - The mindset shift required for going in-house - Shaping predictable regulatory frameworks in crypto - Bringing more women and non-binaries into crypto with MyBFF More information about Lindsey Haswell and today’s topics: - LinkedIn Profile: - Company Website: - MyBFF on Twitter: - MyBFF on Discord: - *The Hard Thing About Hard Things* by Ben Horowitz: *Hear more stories by following Innovative Legal Leadership on** Apple Podcasts**, **Spotify**, or any podcast platform.* *Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for Innovative Legal Leadership in your favorite podcast player.*

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