LaTanya Langley: Edgewell — Embrace Your Differences as Your Strengths

According to a March 2023 report from Russell Reynolds, Fortune 500 companies made significant headway in hiring female GCs to lead their legal teams in 2022. But as LaTanya Langley, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Edgewell Personal Care, suggested, female legal professionals must continue to use their gifts to take up space.

For much of her career, LaTanya had to overcome conventional biases. But instead of wilting, she embraced her differences as strengths and took her spot in the room.

LaTanya tells us how she’s leveraging relationships to sponsor other women and young black professionals in the legal industry and what challenges they still face today.  

Join us as we discuss:


- What attracted LaTanya to in-house legal work (4:36)

- Collaborating with outside counsel to help young black lawyers (11:14)

- Underrepresented groups in legal teams and the C-Suite (17:59)

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- National Bar Association Commercial Law Section (NBACLS)

- More Diversity, More Experience: Meet the Fortune 500 General Counsels

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