Kailee Goold: Cardinal Health — Contribution Over Perfection in Building a Better Legal Department Culture

Creating a positive culture is hard — especially in the legal space.

Old institutions and ways of doing things are difficult to unseat, and modern corporate legal departments need to lean heavily into building culture that works for both the company and its people equally.

Kailee Goold, VP of Litigation and Legal Operations at Cardinal Health, sits down with PERSUIT’s own Michelle Landy to discuss how to disrupt outdated patterns of thinking and behavior when it comes to culture and belonging inside of your organization.

When everyone has a seat at the table and is comfortable sitting in it, legal departments win.

Join us as we discuss:


  • [3:30] Acting as an “actor in a playground of critics” 

  • [6:15] Tailoring DEIB to your department’s culture

  • [11:00] How disrupting existing patterns can impact legal department health


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