JSM Advisors - Jim Moffat: Finding Your Idea of Success

They say there’s an outlier in every family, someone who makes different choices and treads a new path—like a business student in a family of doctors.

Whichever career path we choose, we all grapple with similar questions; fighting the myth of work-life balance, identifying what it takes to lead, figuring out what success means to us, etc.

In this episode, we speak with Jim Moffat, President, at JSM Advisors, Inc. and former CEO of Deloitte Consulting, about being his family's outlier, lessons he’s learned across his career as a consultant, and the one thing it comes down to at the end of the day.

We discuss:

  • Parenting strategies for type A parents
  • The illusion of work life balance
  • A key quality for leadership
  • Creating healthy company cultures

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