Jim Delkousis: PERSUIT —The Power of Value-based Pricing

Nobody loves the billable hour. For too long, law firms have viewed it as a necessary evil, partly because the right technology just hadn’t shown up yet.

But now, ChatGPT and large language models have entered the public scene. And Jim Delkousis, Founder and CEO at PERSUIT, is loving every minute of it. Today, he’s watching AI breathe new life into his vision of a legal industry that values outcomes over time.

Don’t miss this exclusive peek into how Jim’s career path inspired him to start PERSUIT and why he’s excited about an AI-driven legal industry.   

Join us as we discuss:

- An overwhelming introduction to a powerful international firm (5:03)

- Realizing the need for a transparent legal marketplace (19:40)

- Why AI will drive the cost of knowledge creation to zero (30:51)

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