I. Stephanie Boyce: JUSTICE — Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table

In early 2021, I. Stephanie Boyce made history as the first woman of color to become President of The Law Society of England and Wales (LSEW) in its 200-plus years. During her tenure, she was instrumental in pushing for new socio-economic initiatives, including the ACT (Achieving Change Together) task force. Although her time as acting President is over, her work to advance the DEI discussion by putting words into action is just beginning.

The President of the Leicester University Law Society and Board of Trustees member for JUSTICE shares her incredible insights on in-house legal challenges and the future of DEI.

Join us as we discuss:

- Stephanie’s journey to becoming President of LSEW (3:25)

- ACT and other group-driven DEI initiatives (10:05)

- Being a steady voice in leadership during times of crises (17:42)

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- I. Stephanie Boyce

- The Law Society of England and Wales

- LSEW Race for Inclusion Report

- Achieving Change Together (ACT)

- Solicitors Regulation Authority

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