How AI Will Disrupt the Future Legal Landscape

There’s a lot of excitement and some trepidation around the introduction of AI in the legal ecosystem.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that it’s imperative for legal functions across organizations - regardless of size - to start thinking about their AI strategy.

The real value comes from learning what’s working and initiating those conversations early on.

In this special webinar recap hosted by PERSUIT’s Senior Manager of Legal Advisory Maui Gevero, we discuss how AI is rapidly changing the legal landscape. Listen in as Maui leads the discussion featuring  Chris Grant, David Cunningham, and Sean Monahan, who share what they’ve learned about how companies should approach the AI conversation.


Join us as we discuss:

- What your firm’s overarching AI strategy should be (09:57)

- Where Generative AI would have the greatest impact (33:01)

- A good way to approach the AI conversation with outside counsel (49:52)

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