Gregg McConnell: Corteva — Always Look for the Next Disruptor in Legal Ops

Thanks to large language models like ChatGPT, legal ops has seen incredible accelerated change over the last nine months. And some teams are still struggling with how much they can reasonably integrate these tools into their processes.

Gregg McConnell, Global Director of Legal Operations and Innovation at Corteva, thinks they shouldn’t be afraid to hop on the AI train. But embracing this innovation could bring on a whole new set of challenges for the legal ops teams of the future if they’re ill-prepared.

Gregg shares his insights on AI technology’s impact on legal operations and where he looks to find the next great disruptor.   

Join us as we discuss:

- (8:18) What the ideal GC and legal ops partnership looks like

- (20:33) Corteva’s internal uses of AI, including a unique set of chatbots 

- (32:33) How AI will ultimately impact legal ops roles and workflow

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