Demetrio Zema: Law Squared — A Legal Firm That Doesn't Track Billable Hours

Like so many other young legal professionals, Demetrio Zema was beaten down by the competitive pressures and disregard for client outcomes in fixed fee arrangements. So in 2015, the Melbourne native left traditional legal teams behind and founded Law Squared, a firm built around an alternative business model that rewards outcomes over billed hours.

As the Director of this forward-thinking global firm, Demetrio gives an exclusive look into the highs and lows of pioneering change in legal fee arrangements and conventional egoistic cultures.


Join us as we discuss:


- Building a corporate model focused on collaboration and digital innovation (7:19)

- Why legal teams are rewarding the wrong cultural behaviors (16:53) 

- The firm’s recruitment pitch and unlearning process (25:11)

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- Demetrio Zema

- Law Squared

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