Cynthia Lareine: PERSUIT — Bridging Client and Law Firm Values

Cynthia Lareine, Director of Community Development at PERSUIT, fanned a fire in her resolve from a young age. The daughter of proud Nigerian parents, Cynthia endured discrimination from students and teachers alike while attending boarding school. Later, she handled her share of well-meaning depreciation and racial assumptions as a junior associate.

Today, she’s applying the lessons she’s learned to help improve legal relationships and push the industry toward a brighter future.

Cynthia shares how her formative experiences pushed her to where she is today and her passion for bridging the gaps in legal-client services.   

Join us as we discuss:


- How childhood discrimination influenced her career path (3:44)

- The pressures endured by junior associates at large firms (10:02) 

- Her work with the African legal community and PERSUIT (23:00)

- Cynthia’s future as the podcast’s host (37:03)

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