Cornel Fuerer: Corteva Agriscience — Feeding the World One Change at a Time

How does an organization’s in-house legal team help farmers worldwide feed billions of people? According to Cornel Fuerer, Senior VP, General Counsel, and Secretary at Corteva Agriscience, they start by tackling change one bite at a time.

Cornel built up a wealth of private and in-house legal experience during his globetrotting journey toward his current role at Corteva. And he did it by looking at every new challenge as a learning opportunity.

In this episode, Cornel shares his incredible career path and how his team is embracing innovation to buy back time to work on the things that matter.

Join us as we discuss:


- Exploring opportunities with an invaluable life partner (6:50)

- Bringing legacy in-house teams together post-merger (12:38)

- AI and the value of legal operations during rapid change (19:20)

- How innovation is affecting relationships with external firms (29:26)


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