Chris Grant: HSBC — Forget About the Input; Price for Output

There was a time when Chris Grant, Head of Legal Engagement at HSBC, started to second-guess his career path in law. A lack of innovative tools and collaboration to help streamline efficiencies gave him a chronic case of wanderlust as he bounced between in-house and private practice.

But now that forward-thinking tech vendors and AI technologies are finding their feet, the future that Chris was waiting for is finally here.

Chris gives an exclusive peek into the legal operations of one of the largest financial institutions in the world and how he and his team are meeting aggressive change head-on.

Join us as we discuss:

- (5:43) Why innovators aren’t exclusive to in-house or private practice

- (10:31) 3 things that need to change in the industry going forward

- (18:19) How to measure ROI for new legal initiatives

- (27:46) The power of conversation and the future of legal ops

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