Catheryn O’Rourke: Reckitt — Can Legal Teams Slay Soul-Crushing Work With AI?

As general counsels and their legal teams sally forth into the age of AI, the lasting impact large language models could have on the industry is a hotly debated topic.  

Catheryn O’Rourke, General Counsel & Company Secretary at Reckitt, is cautiously optimistic about the potential for AI to abolish “soul-crushing” work. But she keeps herself grounded by leaning on technological experts to help guide her team’s AI strategy.

Tune in to hear Catheryn’s insights into innovative tools like ChatGPT and why she thinks GCs are steadily becoming the champions of calm and confidence in the C-suite.


Join us as we discuss:

- Why getting comfortable with uncertainty is critical to the GC role (11:39)

- The ongoing evolution of GCs and their impact on the boardroom (23:46)

- Leaning on knowledgeable experts to forecast an AI strategy (37:55)

- Shifting to balance ESG efforts with business needs (43:56)


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