Brent Dyer: Trend Micro — Run Your In-House Legal Department Like a Business

As the Director of Legal Operations, Employment Law, and Litigation at Trend Micro, Brent Dyer is leading the transformation of legal operations within the multinational cybersecurity giant. 


His journey from aspiring opera singer to legal innovator is not just a fascinating career transition but a testament to the dynamism and versatility required in the legal ops landscape.


Brent joins us to unpack the world of legal ops, sharing insights on enhancing operational efficiencies, strategic litigation management, and spearheading initiatives that challenge the conventional law firm model.


Join us as we discuss:

  • [6:57] The duality of legal ops and traditional legal work

  • [15:44] Optimizing litigation management and billing issues

  • [26:02] Why law firms need to care more about the client experience

  • [35:15] Underappreciated value of non-lawyers in legal ops


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