Bjarne Tellmann: Haleon — Building an Outstanding Legal Team

From Oslo to New York to Japan, Bjarne Tellmann has lived a life worthy of a Viking saga. Early in his legal journey, the General Counsel of Haleon embraced a philosophy of serendipity, seeing every opportunity as a new adventure.

And that’s because nobody ever wrote about the man or woman who played it safe.

The author of Building an Outstanding Legal Team: Battle-Tested Strategies from a General Counsel shares incredible stories from his expansive career and insights into the exponential changes in legal.

Join us as we discuss:


- How Bjarne’s love of storytelling led him to legal (8:13)

- The inspiration behind writing Building an Outstanding Legal Team (25:01)

- Why the human connection will supersede technology (39:47)

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


- Bjarne Tellmann

- Building an Outstanding Legal Team: Battle-Tested Strategies from a General Counsel

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