Ben Adams: Western Union - Why CLOs Must Be True Problem Solvers

The roles of chief legal officer or general counsel can mean different things in different corporate hierarchies.

But if there’s one thing that Ben Adams has learned on his way to becoming CLO and Corporate Secretary at Western Union, it’s that those men and women must be true problem solvers.

He’s always reminding his in-house team that a uniform legal background will only get them so far. It’s the willingness to adapt and learn the ins and outs of their business that will take them places.

Ben gives us an exclusive peek into how his team manages the legal challenges that can arise in financial services and how they’re cautiously approaching AI to help with international transactions.

Join us as we discuss:


  • [7:53] Core values and the Western Union Foundation

  • [19:46] If in-house legal job titles really tell the whole story

  • [28:53] How technology ties into transparency in legal departments

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