Alan Tse: Jones Lang Lasalle — Legal Gambits With Imperfect Information

As a competitive chess player in his college days, Alan Tse gained an appreciation for having to make timely tactical decisions. Like competitors in the game of kings, lawyers must often make important judgment calls without all the facts at their disposal, even if that means tough lessons may follow.

Now the Global Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Jones Lang Lasalle, Alan leaned on his extensive experience to help his global team navigate a pandemic. And they did so while maintaining an award-winning ethical culture by committing to sustainable values.

Join us as we discuss:


- Lessons learned from early business startups (6:06)

- Recruiting general counsels from outside your industry (13:46)

- Operational focuses and gatekeeping reputation (25:41)

- Why remaining calm in crisis management is a skill (30:31)

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- Alan Tse

Jones Lang Lasalle

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