How Shell finds the right firm at the right price with PERSUIT

When it comes to engaging outside counsel, the in-house legal operations team at Shell are always looking for the best law firm, team, and strategy at the right price.

Shell Pricing and Analytics Officer Alexandra Guajardo, and her colleague, Central Legal Operations Officer Erik Perez, speak with the PERSUIT team about driving value from outside counsel spend.

Data doesn’t lie when it comes to proving value and outcomes from outside counsel spend. Selecting outside counsel can no longer be “based on hunches or gut feelings,” Erik says. “If you don’t have that data, you need an ability to get [it],” Erik says. Which is where PERSUIT comes in.

PERSUIT gives the Shell legal operations team clear insight into the performance of each firm they’re considering for each specific matter, the responsiveness and feedback from the firm, and how that firm ranks on diversity, equity and inclusion metrics. 

For Alexandra, PERSUIT has had a major impact on lowering legal costs for Shell and improving their processes as they continue to evolve. “PERSUIT has allowed us to be consistent in how we request [information] from firms and we’re saving money as a direct result of using the platform.”

It’s through “all of these different angles”, per Perez, that Shell moves confidently with engaging the firm of their choice, with the best strategy and at the right price, all through the PERSUIT platform.

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