How PNC Went From Spreadsheets to Streamlined Efficiency With PERSUIT

In this PERSUIT customer spotlight series, John Crawshaw, Legal Operations Portfolio Owner at PNC Financial, highlights the major efficiencies gained from having a centralized process for selecting outside counsel.

Crawshaw recognizes that Legal Operations departments have a responsibility to make their attorneys' lives easier.

"Before PERSUIT, our in-house team was looking at one firm’s word document, another firm’s Excel sheet. The pricing is different across all of them. It's chaotic and becomes really hard to make a decision," says Crawshaw.

"PERSUIT gives us the ability to compare pricing, strategy, expertise, and DEI metrics across our firms on our own terms -- and it's led to all around better decision making for PNC."

Further, as a result of implementing PERSUIT, Crawshaw noted that he and his legal department now have a better reporting cadence with their GC and the rest of the organization.

"We've been able to standardize a lot of that reporting pretty shortly after implementing the tool, and now we have a standard cadence each month that goes up to our General Counsel and the team of Deputy General Counsels that supports him."

As for firms, Crawshaw says they're getting more opportunities to win on PERSUIT.

"They'll tell us, Hey, we want to keep participating in these. If you have work, throw our name in the mix, we're happy to throw a proposal in. From their side, they're always getting a peek into what PNC is asking about," he says.

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