How Novartis’ legal team moved from time based to value-based billing

Novartis’ Chief Legal Innovation Officer, Maurus Schreyvogel, walks PERSUIT’s CEO and Founder, Jim Delkousis, through the key challenges his team faced in managing outside counsel. 

Maurus references a sizable shift in his team’s approach, made possible by the PERSUIT platform.

Prior to leveraging PERSUIT, his “...attorneys didn’t feel accountable for the collaboration with outside counsel, [they] didn’t make significant progress on promoting DEI, and…[they]  were still thinking in terms of time and material instead of thinking of the value that [they were] receiving from the firms.”

PERSUIT’s platform helped to strengthen the organization’s relationships with panel firms, moving the conversation from protecting company funds to generating value together. 

Further, PERSUIT’s team empowered Novartis to achieve 50% of partner time being delivered by diverse talent and 68% of associate time being delivered by diverse talent within 18 months. 

In just two years, Novartis’ in house team has reached 40% of matters billed as AFAs, as opposed to time based. 

According to Maurus, PERSUIT is the most significant element to help the legal ecosystem to collaborate better together…[and] to function better.”

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