How Moderna’s CLO drives the right value for legal spend with PERSUIT

As Chief Legal Officer at Moderna, Shannon Klinger leverages PERSUIT to drive the right value for the organization's legal spend.

Shannon sat down with PERSUIT’s CEO and Founder, Jim Delkousis, to discuss the largest challenges in-house legal teams encounter in their relationships with panel law firms.

During her experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, she navigated challenges around diversity, the distribution of work to panel firms, and driving the right value for legal spend. Throughout her career, Shannon has seen how diversity has transformed across the legal profession. At Novartis, it bothered her that they “...didn't have a legal ecosystem that looked more like the communities where [they] lived and worked.” With PERSUIT as a partner, Shannon was able to lead her team to significant results, including 52% of all partner hours billed by diverse partners and 67% of all hours billed by diverse associates.

Also paramount to Shannon’s success has been the ability to diagnose underutilized vs. overutilized firms, a capability fueled by PERSUIT data. Further, Shannon cites Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs), run through the PERSUIT platform, as a large driver in her team’s ability to achieve discounts that she wouldn’t have been able to secure on her own.

Shannon hopes the future will hold partnerships that are “sustainable and…continue to drive value for…[Moderna] and for the profession.”

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