Where the rubber meets the road

The perfect blend of IT experts and legal minds.

Leadership team

Jim Delkousis PERSUIT

Jim Delkousis


Jim founded PERSUIT, in part, to encourage his children not to play it safe, and to follow their dreams. Monkey see, monkey do. He’s also a long time sufferer of imposter syndrome.

Travis Johnson PERSUIT

Travis Johnson

CTO and office barista

Travis is from Montana, but we don’t hold that against him. He is our tech wizard, but more importantly, our office clown and personal barista.
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Josh Kalmus PERUSIT

Josh Kalmus

VP Sales, North America

Josh is a commercial lawyer, but stopped practising to join the PERSUIT revolution. Outside work, Josh loves exercising, travelling and being wherever the sun is.

Michelle Collins PERSUIT

Michelle Collins

Marketing Associate

Michelle’s infectious zest for life drives brand value and sales across the globe. Michelle loves β€œChef-ing” in her spare time and is always smiling!Β 


Nick Bye

VP Sales, North America

Nick comes from the e-Billing world of legal tech, so he gets it. Outside work, you can find Nick at the beach or the local golf course.

Irith Williams PERSUIT

Irith Williams

User Experience Designer

Irith is a Human-Centred Designer, exploring how those people buying and selling legal services think and behave. She loves customer feedback!Β 

Brian Gaffney

Brian Gaffney

Senior Software Engineer

Brian loves building single page apps and epic user interfaces. Brian joined the PERSUIT team because he wanted to ride the journey from idea to tech success.

Simon McMillan PERSUIT

Simon McMillan

Lead Software Architect

Simon loves to code and eats functions for breakfast. Behind the scenes he lives for photography, guitars and bikes.

Jason McIver PERSUIT

Jason McIver

Guru Web Developer

Jason dreams about writing code from elegant UI to smart business logic. People are often shocked when they find out he is not a good electrician.

Isaam Saeed PERSUIT

Dr. Isaam Saeed

Chief Data Scientist

Isaam knows everything there is to know as a Javascript Developer. Highly skilled in data analysis, Isaam is a machine in unsupervised machine learning.

George Delkousis

George Delkousis

Research & Sales Assistant

George went from working at a fruit shop to assisting the PERSUIT team with sales and marketing initiatives, and generally the stuff that no-one else wants to do. He tells himself nepotism had nothing to do with his transformation.